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Use Of Our Source Material

   The evangelistic tracts and other materials found on this website have been written by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr. The material is being distributed in an expansive way through the internet, which facilitates a worldwide ministry. We are creating new 'net ministries specifically for this WWW evangelism campaign, including the Earthward Outreach ministry and Earth-Trekker's Mission. To assist with this work, we have established Word Rain Publishing, an enterprise which gets its start as a "desktop publishing" operation, and now we are blessed with an opportunity to say that we are already printing up tracts for shipments to India! We have conceived and inaugurated a Street Tracts International Mission, so it's obvious that we are trying to get the Word out!

   And we certainly encourage everyone to help us in the distribution of our e-tracts, our Portable Document Format (".pdf") tract e-books, our tract booklet patterns, our tract slideshows, and our tract screensavers. We also encourage you to print up your own paper tract booklets from our patterns and to assemble them into materials that you can distribute in your own city/location.

   However, these materials should not be sold for money unless you have received written permission from Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr. (or from a surviving member of his family). The content of these materials should not be altered in any way, nor should the name of the author ever be removed from the material.

   All of this material is Copyright protected, and all publication rights remain with the author. However, the author is giving a general blanket permission for anyone to publish/print out as many as 10,000 unchanged copies of each tract for free distribution, with the author's blessing... as long as the content and the source material remain unaltered!

   We do ask that you notify us of your printing activites, so that we know what's happening in various parts of the world. Translators may also produce foreign-language versions of our materials, but should retain the author's full name (Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.) as the original writer of the tract, and should include notice that the work is Copyright protected from the date of the year stated on the tract by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., saying also that the author retains his legal rights to the material he has written.

   For anyone desiring to make a larger-scale publication, please be certain to contact R. K. Street, Jr. (or a surviving member of his family), to notify us and get approval. That's requested only in cases with the printings being over 10,000 copies of a single booklet title. It is hoped that this notification will help us to keep better informed, at least, of worldwide printing and distribution labors that are already underway.

Names For Some Of The Main Sites Of Jesus Christ Tracts Int. Net
Appear Below   -   Quite Easy-To-Remember When Seen Listed In These Groups:

Our Sites & New Domain Names
"Go, Be Fruitful, And Multiply..."

We're putting a lot of nets out there for Jesus...

Street Tracts International Net

Some Of Our Current Internet Domain Properties,
Including Most Of The Earlier Acquisitions, Are Listed Below
In Order By Type (.com, .org, .net, etc) Of Domain:
( Jesus Christ 1 . us )
At Jesus Christ , there's
Jesus Christ info, His Truth, great
Jesus Christ information !
( Jesus Tracts . us )
( Gospel Booklets . us )
( Gospel Pamphlets . us )
( Ark Jesus . us )
(King Jesus - Ultimate Sovereign)
King Jesus - Ultimate Sovereign

Tracts1 us
( Tracts 1 us )
Tracts 1 US
( Bible 1 . us )
( Gospel Tracts Unlimited Seedbed )
Gospel Tracts Unlimited Seedbed
( Christian Tracts Upward Skyway )
Christian Tracts Upward Skyway
( Bible Tracts @ Understanding Salvation )
Bible Tracts @ Understanding Salvation
( Jesus Christ 1 . ws )
At Jesus Christ , there's
Jesus Christ info, His Truth, great
Jesus Christ information !
( Jesus Tracts Way Station )
The Jesus Tracts Web Site
( Gospel Booklets . ws )
( Ark Jesus . ws )
( King Jesus - World Saver )
The King Jesus Web Site
( Tracts Way Station )
The Tracts Web Site
( Gospel Tracts Way Station )
The Gospel Tracts Web Site
( Christian Tracts Way Station )
The Christian Tracts Web Site
( Bible Tracts Way Station )
The Bible Tracts Web Site
( Gospel Booklets . com )
( Gospel Pamphlets . com )
( Christian Bible Tracts . com )
Christian Bible
( Street Tracts & Witnessing Tools )
Free Street Tracts Site
( Tracts 1 . com )
( Bible Tracts 1 . com )
Bible Tracts
( Christian Tracts 1 . com )
Christian Tracts
( Christ Jesus 1 . com )
Christ Jesus
( Gospel Tracts 1 . com )
Gospel Tracts
( Ark Jesus . com )
( Eyewitness Bible . com )
( J Christ Net . com )
J Christ
( Kenneth Street . com )
( Jesus Christ Info 1 . com )
Jesus Christ Info
( Jesus Christ Information . com )
Jesus Christ
( Shakespearean Bible . com )
Shakespearean .
( 153 Fishes Net for Asia )
The 153 Fishes Net - Asia
( Jesus Information . net )
Jesus Information. net , great for
Jesus Christ info, His Truth, and
Jesus Christ information !
( Jesus Tracts Net )
The Jesus Tracts Net
( Witness Tracts Network )
The Witness Tracts Network
( Gospel Booklets Net )
The Gospel Booklets Net
( Gospel Pamphlets Net )
The Gospel Pamphlets Net
( Ark Jesus Net )
The Ark Jesus Salvation Net
( Ark J Net )
The Ark Jesus Net
( Bible 1 . net )
( Christian Bible Tracts Net )
The Christian Bible Tracts Net
( Christian Gospel Tracts Net )
The Christian Gospel Tracts Net
( Gospel Tracts Network )
The Gospel Tracts Network
( Christian Tracts Network )
The Christian Tracts Network
( Bible Tracts Network )
The Bible Tracts Network
( Evangelism Tracts Network )
The Evangelism Tracts Network
( Street Tracts Network )
The Street Tracts Network
( "Tracts of the Gospel Net" )
Tracts Of Gospel Truth Study Site
( "Tracts from Christians Net" )
Tracts Of Christian Truth Learning Site
( "Tracts of the Bible Net" )
Tracts Of Bible Truth Fellowship Site
The Shakespearean Bible Net
( Good News For A Glorious Day )
Good News For A Glorious Day

HisEarth net
( His Earth Net )
His Earth Net
( Online Tracts Network )
The Online Tracts Network
( Street Tracts Network )
The Street Tracts Network
( Worldwide Christian Tracts Network )
The Worldwide Christian Tracts Network
( Worldwide Tracts Network )
The Worldwide Tracts Network

WCT1 net
( WCT1 Net )
WCT1 Outpost




( Jesus Christ Info . org )
Jesus Christ Info. org
( Jesus Information . org )
Jesus Information. org
( Jesus Tracts . org )
Print-Patterns For Seedcasters
( Gospel Booklets . org )
Gospel Booklets, Printing-Patterns
( Gospel Pamphlets . org )
Gospel Pamphlets & Patterns
( Ark Jesus . org )
Ark Jesus - The Salvation Ship
( Net Jesus - Lifesavers )
Net Jesus - The Lifesavers
( Tracts 1 . org )
( Bible 1 . org )
( "Christian Bible Tracts Outreach" )
Home Site Of CBTO
( "Christian Gospel Tracts Outreach" )
Home Site Of CGTO
( "Gospel-Tracts Outreach" )
GTO - Our Ruler's Gift
( "Christian-Tracts Outreach" )
CTO - Oak River Gardens
( "Bible-Tracts Opportunities" )
BTO - Opportunities for Royal Guardsmen
The Earth-Trekker Tracts Site
The Eyewitness Bible Site
The Jesus Christ Salvation Net
Ken Street's Home Site
( "Online Christian Tracts Outreach" )
Home Site Of OCTO
( "Online Tracts Outreach" )
Home Site Of
( "Street Tracts Outreach" )
Home Site Of

( Bible Tracts Info )
Bible Tracts Information
( Christian Tracts Info )
Christian Tracts Information
( Gospel Tracts Info )
Gospel Tracts Information
( Jesus Christ 1 . info )
At Jesus Christ , there's
Jesus Christ info, His Truth, super
Jesus Christ information !
( Jesus Christ Info . info )
At Jesus Christ , of course,
Jesus Christ info, His great Truth, full
Jesus Christ information !
( Jesus Christ Information . info )
At Jesus Christ , it's
Jesus Christ info, His Truth & great
Jesus Christ information !







Street Tracts International Net

All Current Internet Domain Names Are Listed & Linked Below In
An (Inexact) Alphabetical Order:
BibleTracts-US com
ChristianBibleTracts net
ChristianBibleTracts org
EvangelismTracts us
GospelBooklets ws
GospelTracts-US com
JesusTracts ws
JesusTracts-US com .



Tracts1 us
Tracts1-US com
WitnessTracts us
WitnessTracts-US com


"Go, Be Fruitful, And Multiply..."

    Great item: Download this ".mp3" audio file to hear the amazing story of Frank Jenner and all the tracts he gave away on George Street in Sydney Australia, as related by Dave Smethurst in his account "I Got Off At George Street." It's truly inspirational! Just right-click and choose "Save As," put it on your hard drive, then listen to the ".mp3" file for about 9 minutes. It's just 1.5 MB in size. Or READ the account by clicking here.

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WCT1.Net , WorldWideFishing Net
WWFishing Net , WWFish Net
AWorldWideNet ,
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Online-Tracts Net , OnlineTracts.Net
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